Texas Studio: Adrian Esparza

An interview with Adrian Esparza, El Paso-based artist

“There are associations that come with the use of a sarape, especially now with recent political and economic border issues,” says Adrian Esparza, referring to the brightly colored, blanket-like shawls from Latin America that inform and compose much of his work as well as the constant issue of the Mexican-American border, in which Texas is often found at the center. “I welcome any interpretation, but creating a new realm with the work is a goal of mine.”

Currently, Esparza is working on a new body of work on view at Cris Worley Fine Arts from March 30-May 4 in the exhibition Dual, referencing the visual aspect of duality within the works and inviting a variety of associations, from Esparza’s duality as a Mexican-American individual living along the border to the transformation of the sarape from a cultural icon to something utterly new.